About Us

J. Michael Morrow, Attorney
1946 - 1983

Dr. Robert L. Morrow, M.D.
1917 - 1996

Dr. Earl A. Morrogh, M.D.
1918 - 2010

 Paintings by Earl Guedry,  Opelousas, Louisiana

About Us

J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home is a 175-bed facility that opened in 1984 to provide "A Home Away From Home."

J. Michael "Mike" Morrow, an attorney by profession, dreamed of establishing a nursing home so that his family and the citizens of Arnaudville would not have to leave the community when nursing home assistance was needed. Mike, the son of Dr. Robert L. "Bobby" Morrow and Ruth Grace "Teacup" Wilbert Morrow, started the process of establishing such a facility.  Consequently, he obtained the required Certificate of Need under the name "Teche Manor."

Mike was joined in this endeavor by his father, Dr. Bobby Morrow, Sr., Dr. Earl Morrogh, Paul LaPorte, Pat Morrow and Dr. John Tassin. Following Mike's untimely death, the group continued the work of establishing Teche Manor.  They named it "J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home" in honor of Mike.

Dr. Bobby and Dr. Earl were the two physicians who had taken care of the medical needs of the citizens of Arnaudville, and the surrounding area, for many years.  They became the first medical directors and primary care physicians for the residents. Just as it was an asset to the nursing home when those two local doctors took care of the residents, today, Dr. Kirk Elliott continues this special treatment by caring for the residents three times weekly and when needed.

Teche Manor dba J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home has successfully operated since the day it was founded on August 30, 1984.  Every resident lives in a loving environment and receives expert and responsive care by a staff of mostly local people who provide that "personal touch" that makes J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home unique.

Scope of Services

J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home provides nursing and rehabilitation services by a professional, caring staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, and is supported by a team of physicians, speech, occupational and physical therapists and social services.

Family and Friends

Family and friends are an integral part of our community.  They bring the outside world into our home. All are welcome to visit and to participate in our social gatherings and holiday events. Our families are a vital link to meeting our goals of providing the best care possible. This creates a loving environment which is essential for the health and happiness of every resident.

Specific Services

We can help you to stop worrying and to focus on your health and the health and well-being of your loved one.  Call us today to set up a time to discuss your specific needs.  We are happy to provide our residents with excellent care with a friendly, "personal touch."    

Vincent Darby, a local artist, created this painting which depicts the St. John Francis Regis Church which was completed in the fall of 1872 and demolished in the 1940's.  Several of Vincent Darby's paintings hang at J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home.  The scenes bring back memories for some of the residents, as well as many of our visitors.  Click on the following  link to visit the artist's website.

2-14-1935  ~  1-10-2017

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