Tips for Easy Adjustment

Moving to a long-term care facility is often difficult.  Over the years, we have discovered there are many things family members and friends can do to reduce the physical and emotional stress involved. 

Family and Friends can:
  • Help plan the move.
  • Participate on the day of the move.
  • Provide love and support after the move.
For a smooth, hassle-free transition to new surroundings:
  • Visit the facility before the date of admission to learn about available space.
  • Arrange for telephone and/or cable services to be connected before the move.
  • Mark all clothing and personal belongings with the resident’s name.  If you are interested in iron-on labels, contact the social worker for more information.
Ten Ways to Make Living
in a Long-Term Care Facility more Enjoyable

  • Send flowers or balloons on a special day.
  • Write cards or notes frequently.
  • Give a gift certificate for long distance telephone calling.
  • Visit, visit, visit!
  • Send pictures, audiotapes, or videotapes of family events, grandchildren, or friends far away.
  • Bring a card or small gift or treat when you visit.
  • Check with your resident's nurse to see what types of food items would be appropriate and include them occasionally when you visit.
  • Get acquainted with the resident’s new friends, including staff and other residents, and include them as part of your visits
  • Remember to acknowledge and thank members of our  staff whenever appropriate.
  • Offer to take long-time friends along with you when you come to visit your loved one. They will enjoy visiting too.
Remember to:
  • Bring pictures, plants, blankets, television, radio, a favorite chair, or any other familiar items that would make your resident feel more at home.
  • Learn about the various programs and services the facility offers.  Encourage the resident to become involved in activities. You are also invited to come and participate.  Visit the Activities page and check the Calendar for events you want to add to your schedule.
  • On the day of admission, spend some quiet time with the resident after everything is unpacked to make sure your family member or friend is as comfortable, relaxed, and reassured as possible.
  • Don’t forget to notify other friends and family members of your loved one’s new address so that they can send cards and letters. Just write your resident's name on the envelope with our mailing address:  P O Box 679, Arnaudville, LA  70512.  Your mail will be delivered to them.
  • Stay in touch right from the beginning.  Communicate frequently and positively.
  • Work closely with your family member or friend and our staff to make sure any difficulties are ironed out.
  • Establish regular visiting times so that your loved one can plan ahead for your visit.  Make a few surprise visits as well. You are always welcome.
  • Visit individually, or as a family group, for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. At. J. Michael Morrow Memorial Nursing Home, we celebrate all of the birthdays in one month on the last Thursday of the month.  Click on our Calendar link for the date and time.
  • Work with the resident and our staff to make the resident’s new living situation a happy, successful one.

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